Summer of Rage | Mass Riots in July? Paul Joseph Watson transcript

Transcript below:

All signs are pointing to a summer of rage that could see nation wide anti trump protests boil over to full blown violent riots. The deep state, the democratic party, establishment republican insiders and the main stream media are all hysterically pushing the notion that Trump is illegitimate. That impeachment proceedings are inevitable. That Trump committed a crime by blocking Comy’s FBI investigation. Despite the fact Comy admitted under oath that no FBI investigations have ever been blocked.

– « The situation where we were told to stop something for a political reason, that would be a very big deal. That’s not happened in my experience. »

But facts don’t matter. Narrative matters. And the narrative is clearly to manufacture constitutional crisis followed by a coup d’état. This would radicalize the violent alt-left to engage in massive domestic disorder embolden by the belief that they are bravely resisting an actual tyrant.

-« The left badly wants to remove Donald Trump from office, not with votes in the next presidential election as you typically see in working democracies, but they want to remove him right now. Today. Indeed, the left has grown so impatient, much more than ever, that it is now unable to acknowledge the basic legitimacy of any government act they disagree with. Every executive order is a new opportunity to demand massive resistance to the law itself. »

When could the flashpoint take place ? The New York time report, quote, “Liberals are planning a serie of nation wide protest on July the 2nd known as ‘Impeachment Marches’ to increase the pressure”. In preparation for this, leftists are intending summer resistance camps, generously bankrolled by the DNC. Is this the day when the Soros controlled agitators will be activated to cause mayhem?

-« Now beneath all of this, which is the monster under the bed, it’s the thread of violence. At this stage, only the fringes are calling for that but the rest of us knows it’s there. We can feel it. Sometimes, especially recently, we can see it. And that is the end. Or the beginning of it. Violence is what separate politic from war. It’s the point where hurt feelings become dead bodies. The point which countries become ungovernable. »

Rally organizers have made it clear they literally think Trump is a dictator and are staging this nation wide event to, quote: “get him out now!”. Another militant leftist group “BAMN” claim they are fighting a fascist movement and then quote: “Trump must go by any means necessary”.

This is what they are going into schools and telling young people:

– « What is your policy on immigration ? Do you believe we should just open it up entirely and let everyone in and let them walk trough ? »
– « yep ! »

They literally claim, quote : “The future existence of human kind is at risk if Trump stays in power.”. This is how unhinged this lunatics are. They want to, Quote: “shut down entire cities to drive Trump out of power to overthrow him”. They openly denounce, quote: “liberal tactics of electoral engagement”. This group has previously been discussed by the FBI in the context of alleged links to terrorist organizations. At a rally in Sacramento last year, ten people were hospitalized with stab wounds as a result of violence initiated by members of BAMN. These are the same people who were involved in the Berkeley riots and the riots in airports over the travel ban.

Imagine Berkeley, but nation wide in dozen of major cities all on the same day. Imagine the chaos. Demonstrations are also set to take place in over 90 cities on 3rd June to protest against “Russian interference in the us election”. For which there is no evidence what so ever other than a relentless stream of hysteria. As Tucker Carlson exposed, prominent leftist are also refusing to condemn violence when asked.

– « Endorsing violence is, that’s the line and she crossed it. »
– « Right, I don’t know if we had our current president if that was the line. She has a right to say what she thinks. »

– « Is that a legitimate tactic to smash windows ? »
– « It’s not an effective tactic. »
– « Is that a legitimate ? »
– « That’s up to people who organize it. »
– « So it’s ok, there are times when using violence in America. »
– « I’ve never used violence… »
– « I’m asking you a philosophical question and you just can formulate an answer. »
– « I can’t answer every question when violence is appropriate or not. »

Every time leftist rioted and violently attacked Trump supporters both before and after the election. The media labeled it ‘a demonstration’. By legitimizing destructive chaos as a valid form of protest the anti Trump establishment media is legitimizing total anarchy. Maxine Waters, the leading voice for the impeachment of Donald Trump…

– « Impeach ». -« Impeach ». -« Impeach ». -« Impeach ». -« Impeach ». -« Impeachment ». -« Impeachment ». -« Impeachment ».

…is also legitimizing violent riots. She called the 1992 L.A. riots an insurrection, a rightful demand for justice: More than 50 people killed, over a billion dollars in property damage, white people being targeted and murdered by rioters.

– « Because of his race, Danny was pulled from his truck and smashed in the head with a cinder block until he sustained brain damage. It was a hate crime if there ever was one. It all happened on videotape, helicopter caught it and it happened in Maxine Waters’ city but she did not denounce the attack. On the contrary she all but endorsed the attack. »

– « Here’s a situation from South Central: Drivers of automobiles and trucks that enter this area can expect to… Ho look at that! Terrible ! And there is no police presence down here, they will not enter the area. »

Is it any coincidence that Waters is in the news every single day calling for more insurrection? Is it any coincidence that we see the same violent race-baiting being whipped up daily by the main stream media? Police departments across the country are making large-scale purchases of plated body armor, pepper stray, batons and smoke grenades. Take Denver, every single year since 2012 spending on riot gear has increased.

Manufacturers of riot control products have also reported a huge surge in demand for water cannons to, quote, “handle large crowds and demonstrations. Authorities are clearly preparing for potential disorder. People in major cities like L.A. think riots are likelier than at any time since the L.A. riots.

Although violent disorder is a specialty of the left, Trump supporters could also take to the streets if they believe a coup is taking place. And the blame lies firmly at the feet of the media and the deep state. They are contriving the fake news narrative that trump is an illegitimate tyrant. They’re emboldening extremist militant groups who have already used violence to shut down cities and free speech events. They’ve set the wheels in motion for a massive nationwide confrontation: A summer of rage.