Take Aim, Even Badly: Transcript

Transcript Below:

When I talk to people about doing the future authoring program
They often put it off and it’s not surprising because it’s hard
and and but it’s more than that
They think well, I don’t know how to write.
I’m gonna do a bad job. I don’t really like assignments
I’m going to have to do it perfectly
I need to wait till I have enough time
and like one of those is enough to stop you cold and all five of them you’re just done and so I tell people
Do it. Haphazardly
a tiny bit at a time and badly
Because you can do that
I tell my students when they’re doing their thesis master’s thesis
write a really bad first draft and then we have a little conversation about that because they don’t think I mean that
Because it sounds like a cliche in some sense. It’s not a cliche. It’s not a cliche at all. It means
You’re a terrible writer
but but if someone put a gun to your head and said you have to have
Your hundred page thesis done by next Monday or I’ll shoot you but I don’t care how terrible it is
You would sit down and write it and the thing is then you have it right then then you have
Something and then you can fix it. You can iterate and fix it that bad first draft. That’s the most valuable thing
And so that’s what you need. You need a bad first draft of yourself
and there’s there’s an idea that young developed about the trickster and the Jester the comedian right that the
Trickster is the precursor to the savior. That’s one of the things I learned from young
it was just it’s so unlikely you’d never think that it’s so amazing that that might be the case, but the the the the
Satirical in the ironic and the troublemaker that the comedian the fool the fool is the precursor to the savior
Why because you’re a fool when you start something new and so if you’re not willing to be a fool
then you’ll never start anything new and if you never start anything new that you won’t develop and so
The willingness to be a fool is the precursor to transformation and that’s the same as humility
And so if you’re gonna write your destiny, you can do a bad first job. You’re gonna get smarter as you move forward
That’s the thing. Is that so something beckons to you. That’s what happens here. Maybe the star that Geppetto wished on was the wrong
damn star
But at least it was a star right at least it was in the sky at least it moved him
Forward and so you say in your life?
Well, something grips you and and and fills you with interest and you think well
Should I do that and the answer is if not that then something?
What if it’s a mistake?
It’s a mistake
Rest assured. What? Do you know? You’re gonna stumble around, right?
And what’s gonna happen is this you’re gonna move to you’re gonna not stay in stasis
You’re not gonna wander around in circles and I see people like that. They said well, I never knew what to do
And now I’m 40
It’s like that’s not so good
That’s not so good. And you might say well and there is a literature too that suggests that people are a lot more
Unhappy when they look back in their lives
About the things they didn’t do
than they are about the mistakes they made while they were doing things and so that’s really worth thinking about too because there’s
redemptive mistakes and a redemptive mistake would be a mistake that you make when you go out and try to do something and no you
Actually, you think okay. I’m gonna try to do this and you’re not good at it. You make a bunch of mistakes
It’s like what’s the consequence if you pay attention is you’re not quite so stupid anymore
That’s the thing is you’ve been informed by your by the results of your errors. And so what happens is
You you you follow the beacon you follow the light and and you’re blind so you don’t know where the light is
It’s it’s dimly apprehended only and you’re afraid to follow it
But you decide to take some stumbling
Steps towards it and as you take stumbling steps towards it you become illuminated and enlightened and informed
because of the nature of your
Experience because you’re pushing yourself beyond where you are and you’re going into the country that you have not yet been in and you learn
Something and so what happens then is the star moves you move ten feet towards it you think no, that’s not right
I didn’t get it
Right, it isn’t there
it’s actually there and so then you you see it somewhere else and you shift yourself slightly and
You move forward and that’s what happens is that
You continue as you change the thing that guides you forward moves
Right. It’s like God in the in the in the desert in Egypt. The pillar of light you’re following. It’s moving
It’s not a permanent thing. You move towards it. It moves away it guides you forward
And so you say well is what I’m aiming at paradise itself
And the answer to that is no because what do you know you could you couldn’t see paradise if it was right in front of?
You but you might get a glimmer of it
so you move towards it and you grow and then
The next time you open your eyes, you see a little bit more clearly and that’s what happens
Is that just happens over and over? Right? It keeps moving
And so you move like this
But the thing that’s so cool
Is that all those zigs and zags you say in each of those zags is and zigs is a catastrophe
I hit a wall my god, and then I had to die a little bit and I barely got back up. It’s a Phoenix
Transformation at each at each turn and it’s painful. But the thing is is that even though you’ve you’ve traveled 20
Miles, let’s say on that road and you’ve only moved 3 miles forward you’ve moved three miles forward
Instead of falling backwards because that’s the thing too. Is that if you stand still you fall backwards
You cannot stand still because the world moves away from you if you stand still and there’s no stasis
There’s only backwards. And so if you’re not moving…
forwards then you’re moving backwards and that’s
More of the underlying truth of the Matthieu principle to those who have everything more will be given
From those who have nothing everything will be taken
It’s a warning do not stay in one place
Well as you zigzag maybe then
Maybe the cataclysm of each transformation starts to lessen. There’s not so much of you that has to die with every mistake
Maybe you end up oriented at least reasonably properly and if you were sensible, that would have been your trip, but it wasn’t right
It’s that and perhaps it’s a lot worse than that
perhaps there’s no shortage of backtracking but it doesn’t matter because as you stumble forward you you
illuminate and inform yourself and perhaps that’s partly because the world is made of information and if you
Encounter it and tangle with it. Then it informs you and then you become informed and then you’re in formation and then you’re ready