The Truth About ‘Refugees’ : Paul Joseph Watson transcript

Transcript below:

This is the shocking truth behind the Syrian refugees crises that has been hidden from the public :

Those boatloads of Africans you seen on their way to Europe, yeah, well, for one they are not coming from Syria, the clue being: that they are Africans! And two, they are not refugees. They have not being rescued off the coast of Italy. Governments and aid agencies want you to believe that these people have struggle in flimsy fishing boats and dinghies to make it all the way across the Mediterranean. That’s total BS.

This is the insane reality of what is actually happening: The migrants pay people smugglers 1’500 euros each. They are not destitute refugees. The people smugglers then transport the migrants to a position just 12 miles of the coast of Libya. Just 12 miles ! They then send out a distress call and the migrants are picked up by EU and NGO vessels. It’s literally a taxi service straight to Europe. As the spectator Nicholas Farrell exposes, there is reason to suspect that the people smugglers are actually in direct contact with aid agencies which is why they are so often first on the scene to rescue migrant boats. And this is a criminal offense. The law states that the refugees should be taken to the nearest safe port which would be Tunisia. But these NGO are taking them straight to Italy. As you can see in this illustration, the NGO boats are leaving Italy traveling to right off the coast of Libya, just off the coast, then returning to Italy with their human cargo. It’s literally a taxi service!

And isn’t it ironic that the only time these boats are diverted from Sicily is when G7 elitists are in town. It’s a security threat for them to be faced with the very crisis they created. An investigation in Italy find out most of the NGO ships are German. Even the EU border agency FRONTEX accused aid agency of helping, quote, criminals achieve their objectives. The people smugglers contact the aid agencies directly. Knowing they won’t be arrested. Quote: “Since June 2016, many boats have been rescued near the Libyan coast by aid-agency vessels ‘without any prior distress call’, suggesting the rendezvous has been pre-arranged”. Italian prosecutor Carmelo Zuccaro says he has evidence of phone call between criminal people smugglers and NGOs like “save the children”, “Proactiva Open Arms” and “SOS Mediterranean”.

George Soros Open Society backed foundations like, “decins sans frontières”, are also allegedly involved. Soros invested 500 million dollars to, quote, “help refugees”. Some of which is going straight to these NGOs. ISIS is also offering migrants free passage through the Mediterranean if they join the terror group. So in some cases they are actually footing the bill for these migrants to pay people smugglers who, in term, are in communication with the NGOs. This is a complete scandal a huge security threat, yet virtually no body knows this is the primary method by which refugees are pouring into Europe.

Just 2.65 percents of migrants arriving in Italy are awarded asylum status. They are not refugees! Half of them disappear on arrival and don’t even claim asylum. Over 200’000 migrants are arriving in Italy alone via this method every single year. And that’s only going to increase. If you think there will come a point where the number of migrants pouring into europe slows to a trickle, then think again. If we continue this disastrous policies it’s only going to get worst. Much worst. Africa’s population is exploding. Look at the countries surrounding Libya, Niger population is set to almost quadruple in the next three decades from 20 million to 72 million. Chad’s population is set to leap from 14 million to 35 million. Sudan is heading toward 80 million. Egypt 152 million, Ethiopia 189 million, Nigeria 400 million. And I have not even included those arriving from the middle east.

The character of a place is determined by the people how live there. You can’t flood European cities with ten of millions of people from the middle east and Africa and expect it to remain the same. Eventually, it’s going to start to feel less like Europe and more like the middle east or Africa. Look what’s happening in southern Italy where these migrants are arriving. Once a holiday paradise, Sicily is now the scene of a tough war between the Italian mafia and African crime gangs. Listen to what the maire of Palermo said: quote: “Palermo is no longer an Italian town. It is no longer European. You can walk in the city and feel like you are in Istanbul or Beirut.” Palermo is a Middle Eastern town in Europe. In other countries, the evidence is pretty clear that this grand experiment in cultural enrichment is not working. Migrants are responsible for 90% of shooting in Sweden. A report by Germany’s interior ministry founds an extra 402’741 crimes were committed by migrants. With non-Germans accounted for 27.6 percent of total offenses. Half a million migrants in German are on welfare benefits. Gang rapes of girls and women are becoming common place. Women in Paris are now protesting against constant abuse and harassment by gangs of migrant men.

To demonstrate the kind of reaction they get from men, they visit a local café with a hidden camera. Before they even get inside, their presence seems to disturb the other clients.

There is only men in here. And they are not very welcoming.

The bar owner does not want to talk. The other customers meanwhile are uncomfortable.

For women, going into a bar here is breaking a taboo.

Murders by migrants are daily news. Even leftists who help migrants reach Italy admit that many of them support ISIS.

He said, they were processing men, adults in the
ir 30’s, how all had phones with ISIS stuff on the phones. They were being separated. When they would be handed over to the authorities with the information explaining that these guys, you know, had all this on their phones and what their ages were, And they would just being processed through, there were nothing, they weren’t separated out, they just all went through with everything else.

Germany and Italy are forcibly confiscating private properties to house migrants. PostNord announced they would stop mail delivery to the migrant suburb of Rinkeby because it’s too unsafe!

And people how complain about any of this are put on hate crime black list. Social media giants are censoring accurate reporting as hate speech.

What’s the solution to this crisis? Well it isn’t to pander to racism, xenophobia or to resort of futile stunts and identitarian vigilantism. In fact that only embolden leftist and the institutions they control to pursue their policies with more vigor. Prolonging their delusion that they have the moral high ground. You are also not going to convince reasonable minded people by becoming right wing social justice warriors, they just turn people off. Listen, the individual migrants aren’t to blame for trying to escape to a better life. If I lived in a poverty striking African country, I would try to do the same and so would you. But again, that’s economic migration, it’s not refugees fleeing war to our countries. It’s fundamentally dishonest to call it a refugee crisis when it’s not. 85% of migrants arriving in Italy are men. The vast majority of them are from countries that are not at war. But migrants didn’t create this crisis. The political elite created it. Leftist NGOs created it. They created it because they fundamentally hate western values and are quiet prepared to destroy them to remain in power.

Europe lost of faith in its own achievements in culture, the continent demographic collapse, this guilt ridden self immolation, this suicidal virtue signaling. That led to Merkel to swing the borders wide open. It’s all based on an existential crisis engineered by the leftist political elite. Ensconced in ivory tower and luxury hotels shuttle between banquets and private parties by their chauffeurs. They don’t have to live amongst the societal crisis that they create. They don’t care about the impact millions of unassimilated migrants have on society or culture. They only care about power. They replaced what defined the west: rule of law, equality with the empty platitude of tolerance and diversity. And it’s being catastrophic.

The EU wants to force member states to accept more migrants. Macron is threatening sanctions on Poland for refusing to do that. The only solution is to turf out those political elites and prosecute the NGOs for their criminal activity. The solution is to provide incentives for these migrants to stay in their home countries. The solution is to push for a political settlement that units Libya, something that is moving closer to fruition. A unification that empower a single authority to plug the leak by arresting and jailing the people smugglers. This will also stop the flood of migrants from other African countries entering Libya in the first place. And if it is proven that members of NGOs have been coordinating with people smugglers, arrest and jail them too!

Don’t incentivize people smuggling by allowing NGO boats to be on stand by to ferry this migrants into Europe at the drop of a hat.

Italy could be about to prosecute this aid agencies and we need to keep the pressure up to ensure that happens. There is an election in Italy next year. Pools show Beppe Grillo’s five stars movement with a slander lead over the ruling center left party. The five stars movement has called out NGOs for providing a taxi service to migrants. If they take power, the racket is over and the aid agencies will face prosecution. The flood of migrants into Europe from Libya will cease.

France chose virtual national suicide by voting from Macron but Italy still has an opportunity to save itself and possibly the rest of the continent by electing Beppe Grillo. Look, free speech protests are gonna do F-all to stop the migrants poring in every days. Railing against the symptoms, railing against Islam, and hey, I’m guilty as charged for doing that, but it does not count for anything. We need to stop these boats, we need criminal prosecution and a permanent change of policy. The cultural identity of Europe is already being eviscerated. This is not about race, this is about the survival of our fundamental values and our way of life. We need to stop the bleeding now. Before it’s too late.